“Surprisingly hardcore if you’re expecting a film about southern belles in short-shorts, but the contextualization of the Cowboys Cheerleaders amidst larger themes like women’s liberation and the sexual revolution is thoroughly justified... It’s also documentary gold.”
— Amy Zimmerman, The Daily Beast
“The accidental timing of Daughters of the Sexual Revolution couldn’t be more fortuitous. However, what ultimately proves most interesting of all is the realization that this group of women transformed the image of a city known for segregation and tragedy by embodying unity and American pride in all its forms.”
— Frank Calvillo, Cinapse
“An engaging documentary that takes you back to the moment when women, in a public way, were throwing off the last shackles of having to behave themselves.”
— —Owen Gleiberman, Variety
“Oscar-nominated “Murderball” director Dana Adam Shapiro tackles our country’s evolving morality in the 1970s through the lens of one of the most overtly sexual icons in American popular culture. This slickly-edited documentary features stunning archival footage and new interviews with many key cheerleaders from 1972-1990, but the core revelations here come from Suzanne Mitchell’s interview footage, which offers a unique perspective directly from the person responsible for running the show for 14 years.”
— — Matt Shiverdecker, Austin 360
“‘Daughters of the Sexual Revolution’ chronicles the birth of the most iconic cheerleading team in the United States, a squad that helped rehabilitate the city of Dallas’ image from the site of John F. Kennedy’s assassination to the site of “America’s Team.” If there’s any lesson to be learned from this film, it’s that women can and should tell their own stories, even those we think we know, and we should be open to hearing them.”
— — Kavitha A. Davidson, ESPNW
“I was mesmerized by the story. It’s really well done, and not what you think.”
— Dan Patrick, The Dan Patrick Show